Code Demos

React demo 1 : Interactive “to do” list interface; not pretty to look at, but functional.
React demo 2 : Basic list interface created with TypeScript, Vite, and Bootstrap; demonstrates a compiled web app which incorporates multiple repeatable and extensible React components.
Angular : Basic dynamic page demonstration; I’m eager to learn more about this technology and develop more robust applications!
colEx : My own extensible jQuery plugin for collapsing/expanding any designated element by clicking another designated element.
JSON : Basic importation of sample JSON data via jQuery and organizing it into a table; developed as proof-of-concept for a BMO product.
@font-face : Importation of custom fonts in CSS; this would most likely be done using Google CDN fonts now, but here I demonstrate an “old school” solution.
Guess the Word! : A simple “hangman” style game powered by jQuery; early development stage.
Paint by Numbers : Another simple game powered by jQuery; early development stage.

Past Work Archives

Badger Meter : Demonstration of tablet app interface development using a customized jQuery-UI build; process involved wireframe architecting and weekly SCRUM meetings with a team of about a dozen developers and designers.
Experis : Early development of job search form UI, powered by jQuery, within a branded template intended for use by multiple branch locations.
Hot Buttered Popcorn : Site design layout showing custom web-optimized graphics and some jQuery functionality; possibly the last archive of a movie trailer website that used to be advertised in Marcus movie theaters.
Manpower : Basic site template intended for use by multiple branch locations.
GLMT virtual brochure : Demonstration of a mobile browser friendly jQuery interface for scrolling through images (here used as a sort of paperless product brochure) developed for integration into a custom GLMT-branded iOS app; try it on your iPhone!
Rockwell Automation trade show kiosk : Mid-development stage of an interactive display intended to run on a vertically aligned HDTV touchscreen in a trade show booth; some text content is filler text as I did not have finalized copy during this stage of development; due to vertical design, works best when viewed in a mobile browser.